Minnesota Republicans smear Keith Ellison days after new GOP chair proclaimed party isn’t racist


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On Saturday, Jennifer Carnahan was elected the new chair of the Minnesota Republican Party. During a news conference following her victory, she proclaimed that Democrats are “going to have a really hard time calling us the party of racists and sexists. Look at who our party base just elected.”

Just two days later, Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District Republican Party published a Facebook post calling Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) the state’s “Head Muslim Goat Humper” and a “raving, Louis Farrakhan supporting, anti-Semite, anti-white racist and fascist American.”

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That wasn’t the only offensive thing 7th CD Republicans posted in recent days.

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Carnahan denounced the since-deleted posts and said the culprit has resigned, although she didn’t disclose that person’s identity.

7th CD Republicans posted an apology, but also didn’t identity the person responsible for the posts.

This is far from an isolated incident, however. As Minnesota Public Radio chronicles, in November 2014, a 7th CD Republicans leader named Jack Whitley published a post on Facebook calling for all “muslim terrorists” to be executed.

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Instead of apologizing, Whitley later posted that Muslims in Minnesota “either need to repent [and accept] Jesus Christ or leave the country.” He ultimately lost his job and resigned his post, MPR reports.

Even after 7th CD Republicans deleted some offensive posts, many Islamophobic ones that were published recently remained on their Facebook page.

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More broadly, Minnesota Republicans have a long history of posting racist, Islamophobic, sexist, and otherwise offensive smears on the party’s official social media pages. In fact, the problem is so widespread that the party chair who preceded Carnahan, Keith Downey, developed a best practices memo in hopes of preventing future outrages.

It appears Downey’s memo wasn’t totally successful, and Carnahan has her work cut out for her in the effort to eliminate deplorableness from her party.

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