MSNBC Gets Desperate, Says Border Wall will Harm Animals

MSNBC has really gone to the birds in attacking Trump’s proposed wall along the Mexican border (folks, these are the jokes). It’s not the first time leftists have cried BUT ENVIRONMENT (see New Bill Makes EPA ‘Climate Change Research’ Public. Leftists Lose Their Minds!). It is however the funniest. At least at the time of this publication. Give them a few weeks, though, and they’ll top it.

Certainly, many animals that fly can migrate over that wall. But many animals stay very low. For example, birds and bats are actually passing close to the ground surface because they’re heading toward plants for pollination, for seeds that they eat, or fruits. For example, Craig, you may not even know this, but 50 percent of the plants in the Sonoran desert, those cactus, 50 percent of them, have their seeds dispersed, or their flowers pollinated by bats, and bats use echo-location to navigate, and clearly a wall would be a terrible obstacle for them.


You really have to be impressed with just how far leftists are willing to go to keep the flow of illegal immigrants into this country. Next week, they’ll claim we can’t build the wall because SCIENCE! After that, because TRANSPHOBIA!

None of that would make sense, of course. But then again, neither does not wanting to protect our border. And because the left has so little to go on, they’re resorting to “But the animals!” as their newest argument. Because sure, you might hate Jose and Armando coming across the border to maybe murder or rape your daughter (see 14-Year-Old Girl Raped in High School Bathroom. By an Illegal Immigrant) but you wouldn’t dare be opposed to a big kitty cat (Jaguar) or a cuddly doggo (wolf) who’ll be impacted by a wall protecting your country’s border.


Reaction crazy baldwin

No. Nobody loves animals as much as I do, and I know many a human who has more feels for our four-footed creatures than the two footed humans who scuttle across our border illegally with high crime and chalupas on the mind. But such is the hatred of illegal immigration, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a critical-thinking American who’d rather let Wil-E Coyote scamper across the Arizona state line freely rather than building a massive wall on the border to keep Esteban and Eduardo out of the country. Even if a bat has to use its echo-location to not ram into a massive wall. Which it should easily “see.” If it’s big enough. Let’s make that MoFo so massive we can see it from space…

Animals have a way of adapting. Also, the weather, climate and terrain do not automatically switch at the wall. So the animals on either side of the wall are hardly suffering here. But nice try, dummies.

Also, if bats and birds already can’t fly over the wall, then why not make it 10 feet higher? Who’s with me?