Muslim Member of Canadian Parliament Omar Alghabra Celebrates Youtube Sharia Censorship

A few months ago, an anti-Islamophobia motion, M103, passed in the Canadian Parliament. A Member of Parliament, Pakistani Muslim Iqra Khalid, proposed the motion. Canadians were alarmed, and for good reason. Khalid, who has ties to CAIR/Muslim Brotherhood, balked at defining the term Islamophobia.

According to Point de Bascule: “On February 8, Liberal MP Iqra Khalid ‘reconnected’ with Islamist lobby NCCM / CAIR-CAN, Montreal-based AMAL-Québec co-president Haroun Bouazzi and Islamic Relief Executive Manager Abdelbasset Benaissa for a discussion about Motion 103. She was accompanied by fellow MPs Salma Zahid and Frank Baylis for the occasion. Motion 103 aims at ‘develop[ing] a whole-of-government approach’ to target so-called Islamophobia.”

Even though statistics do not bear out her claims that Muslims are the most discriminated against group in Canada, that in fact belongs to the Jews, the motion passed. This set off a witch-hunt for Islamophobes that is still underway, with the heritage committee compiling the results.

Canadians were assured by Muslims within Parliament and their left-leaning compatriots that they had nothing to worry about. This was just a motion, it would never be anything more, and certainly would never become a bill. (Even though approximately 70% of motions become bills).  They assured everyone that all they wanted to do was do a study and nothing more.

In light of this, those concerned that M103 would eventually lead to Sharia Blasphemy Laws being implemented in Canada were startled to read a tweet by Khalid’s Muslim colleague in Parliament, Omar Alghabra.

Omar Alghabra (@OmarAlghabra) Twitter - Mozilla Firefox 7152017 91335 AM-001.jpg

The tweet reads:

“Youtube just disabled the account of Kevin J. Johnston!”

Kevin J. Johnston of  is a Canadian Patriot who speaks out against the creeping Sharia in Canada on his Youtube Channel and his web page.

Omar Alghabra is a Muslim Member of Parliament from Mississauga, Ontario. Alghabra is a Saudi born extremist, is in favor of Sharia Law and is anti-Israel, according to Journalist for The Rebel.Media, Ezra Levant.

Alghabra met with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation a few days prior to his celebratory tweet of the banning of free speech. Is this what gave him the courage and impetus to make such a bizarre tweet?

The Toronto Sun on his meeting with the OIC stated:

“There are many people worried that the upcoming heritage committee hearings in Canada into, among other issues, Islamophobia will hear from witnesses who consider things like cartoons and criticism as worthy of condemnation and even legal response.

Some within the OIC would no doubt encourage this. But will our government stand up to this perspective?

The original press release announcing Alghabra’s trip made no mention of Islamophobia, saying the meetings “will offer Canada a distinct opportunity to raise and advance our core values, including human rights, freedom, democratic governance and the rule of law.”

I asked the department if Alghabra would be discussing Islamophobia. They responded that he’d address “ways to promote diversity and counter anti-Muslim discrimination”.

During the M103 debates, anti-Muslim discrimination was suggested as a compromise phrase to make it clear that parliamentarians did not back the very broad definition of Islamophobia that some OIC countries use to criminalize things like blasphemy and religious cartoons.

However that’s not the phrase the department used on one of its twitter accounts.

Showcasing a picture of Alghabra meeting with ambassadors from Djibouti — a largely sharia-compliant country — the tweet said they discussed “Canada’s efforts on countering Islamophobia”.

From this gleeful tweet celebrating the censorship of free speech by Alghabra and his recent meeting with the OIC, we can deduce that, in fact, he is in favor of censorship and implementing Sharia Blasphemy Laws.  This tweet garnered many replies from Patriotic Canadians who do not agree with his undermining of their right to free speech.

Alghabra answered two days later that he actually liked Kevin J. Johnston. Well then, why would he rejoice when Kevin’s  free speech is curtailed? It would appear that we have heard from the Horse’s mouth that M103 is not meant to stay as just a motion, it is meant to eventually shut down free speech and implement Sharia Blasphemy Laws.

Canadians need to wake up.