NAILED IT: Ann Coulter Schools ABC On Free Speech, First Amendment…

Leftists seem to have a bit of trouble with understanding the right of free speech.  Or any other right, for that matter. So, quite often, a bit of impromptu tutoring for leftists is required. Which brings us to this gem. Ann Coulter appeared on ABC News and gave a civics lesson on the First Amendment to anchor Jonathan Karl

Ann Coulter took  ABC’s “This Week,” host Jonathan Karl’s argument about her “provocative” speech and threw it right back at him.

Sunday Karl argued that the conservative author and columnist shouldn’t have been surprised that her speech scheduled for last week at University of California, Berkeley was canceled given the provocative nature of some of her past comments.

She added that the First Amendment was meant to protect provocative speech.

The founding fathers “did not put an asterisk on the First Amendment!” she concluded.

Robert Reich, another “This Week” guest and chancellor’s Professor of public policy at the University of California at Berkeley, agreed.

“We finally found something after all these years where I agree with Ann Coulter,” he said.

Well said, milady…

dwight clapping

Everything Anne said should be plainly obvious to anyone who’s ever taken a quick peek at the Constitution. Spoiler alert for you bed-wetting leftists out there; nowhere in the scrolls does it say you have the right to have your precious feelings remain unhurt. Whether you find Ann Coulter’s comments triggering or not has absolutely zero effect on her right to say them. So yeah, Jonathan Karl, hate speech isn’t a thing.

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It seems free speech is only a thing to progressives when it falls within their rigorous guidelines. Anything they see as homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, or racist is a major no bueno. The penalty for breaking these rules? Your property shall be destroyed and your will be promptly teeth kicked in by masked, black-clad figures who still live with their mommies. But remember, they’re on a crusade against fascist dictators…

There is no fine print on the First Amendment. People have the right to speak their minds freely, and anyone who takes offense at what was said is free to refute it, so long as two-by-fours and arson don’t factor into the equation. Free speech that comes with a long list of boundaries is not free at all. Common sense dictates such. Something the left seems to be in short supply of these days…