NBC Sports “Reporter” Sees Our Flag On The Baseball Field And Says Most DISGUSTING Thing EVER!

Once again another far left scumbag is offended by the American Flag and our military’s planes flying overhead at sporting events.

NBC Sports Reporter, Craig Calcaterra, made his feelings known in a tweet which he sent out earlier today.

He is getting some enormous blowback on Twitter over his statement which he is defending ferociously. He is making himself look even more idiotic than his stupid looking mug can lead you to believe.


He then introduces another topic to deflect from the initial one.


Nice try, but from the looks of it his tactic isn’t working very well. Sometimes it’s best to just say you were wrong, apologize and move along.


Once again I ask, how did we get to this? When exactly did tradition become an offense? Does this asshat know this very tradition is done in practically every nation on earth during the start of Soccer games? Why is Old Glory an issue now? In what way does patriotism diminish the fun of sports? IT DOESN’T.

I blame academia. Go into any college classroom. Just 25 years ago you would see an American flag in every room and real teachers teaching real history without their own leftist bias thrown into the mix. Today you are lucky if you see our flag waving in the entrance to the school.

We have become a culture which is leaving tradition and patriotism aside in the name of caring more about giving degenerates the right to choose which damn restroom they feel like using on any particular day than protecting the well-being of our young.  All because we are terrified of offending. I say to hell with it, who cares if we are called racists, bigots, homophobes or whatever phobe they will invent tomorrow to forward their agenda of lunacy. We need to defend our flag and she is worth being branded any name in the book.

Hey, Mr. Calcaterra, Our flag blows with the last breath of each soldier who has died protecting her and the very freedoms that give you the right to be an ignoramus who’s obviously desperate for attention. If you don’t like it, our door is open. I’m sure any other nation will be ecstatic to take in a no talent overpaid anti-American asshat like yourself and pay him pennies a day, as deserved.

Some of us still get teary-eyed when we see our nation’s colors fly while hearing the national anthem and liberal scum bags like yourself will have to take that flag away from our cold dead hearts.

H/T: redstate.com

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