New sanctions looming against Hezbollah

People with ties to the Hezbollah could be sanctioned in the near future.

New US financial sanctions could target high ranking members of the Hezbollah and leaders from other parties close to the Hezbollah i.e. the Amal movement, The Free Patriotic Movement and the Syrian National Social Party as soon as next May.

It is said that the sanctions will reach far more people than previous sanctions.

Every people working in the financial sector or who is wealthy and is suspected of financing the Hezbollah will be on the list.

For the time being, these are merely rumors, but the decision to impose sanctions will be made next month, and the Lebanese government would send a ministerial delegation to the US to gather more details.

The idea of new sanctions against Hezbollah and their allies is not new: they date back to last February when President Trump announced new sanctions against Iran.

About a month ago, France warned Lebanon about new economic sanctions against Hezbollah and advised them to keep Riad Salame, the governor of the Central Bank to his current position because he knows how to deal with this kind of situations. Contacts were made from within France to intercede in Lebanon’s behalf, because the new sanctions could have a dramatic negative effect on the country.

According to Naji Gharios, a lawmaker from the baabda party and a CPL (Free Patriotic Movement) member, “the new sanctions goal is to put sticks in the Hezbollah’s wheels and facilitate Israel’s work” [Lebanese leaders obsession with Israel never fades]. Gharios add that his party doesn’t fear new sanctions.

Lawmakers Yassine Jaber, Alain Aoun and Bassem el-Chab, who are currently in the US for a World Bank meeting, heard about possible new sanctions, adding that they have no further details.

Ghazi Zeaïter, minister of Agriculture and Amal party member said that he too doesn’t know anything on the subject but that he doesn’t fear any US measures. He denounced « The US diktat and control ».

« They vote new laws to blackmail us and apply pressures on Lebanon every time we are about to get back on our feet », said Zeaïter.

Jean Patrick Grumberg