New York Times Gets Called Out for Fake News…By The New England Patriots

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New England Patriots

Leftists in the allegedly legitimate media seem to think they can still get away with “fake news” however you want to define fake news (see Congressman Suggests Fighting ‘Fake News’ By… Watching MSNBC and Fake News: CNN Reports “Fearless Girl” and a Bull Have Snow On Them). Take the New York Times for example. They tried to create drama over a typical photo op, suggesting everyone hates Trump, but loved Obama. They probably weren’t expecting to get owned by the New England Patriots…

Still, the Patriots persisted…

The Times was forced to correct their tweet, but guess which got a bigger response on Twitter?

Here’s what probably happened. Someone at the New York Times, maybe fresh out of J-school and who thinks John Oliver is a journalist, saw the reaction to the tweets comparing inauguration crowd sizes. And when they saw the new Patriots pictures, they rushed to Twitter because, hey, fact-checking schmact checking. Who needs context when you can just say “LOL, EVERYONE HATES TRUMP” instead?

At which point they got called by whoever runs Twitter for a football team. Which means a social media manager for an NFL team did more fact checking than someone who’s job description actually includes “checking and verifying facts.”

And the press wonders why no one trusts them.