OOPS: HuffPo Got Trolled by Its Own ‘Time to Deny White Men Voting Rights’ Article

White Men

Last week we talked about this thought sewage coming from the Huffington Post, which said that white men should lose the right to vote. It was waaay racist and sexist. All for the sake of tolerance and inclusion, of course. It didn’t take long for HuffPo to promptly become a laughing stock for the nth time that day. After all the rebuttals and tweets, there was a follow up. But first, let’s recap the reaction to this article with Heat Street

Huffington Post’s South African editors were initially pleased with the reception of Garland’s article. On Saturday night, HuffPostSA editor Sipho Hlongwane bragged that the article had received plenty of traffic while making a tongue-in-cheek complaint about his corrections inbox.

HuffPostSA editor Verashni Pillay wrote an article (archived post) defending its publication. She highlighted examples of complaints sent to the website, and blamed readers for having a poor understanding of the “pretty standard feminist theory” Shelley used.

Pretty standard feminist theory, that has all since been deleted…. because it was a giant hoax. The person who wrote the post? Yeah, she doesn’t exist. It was all an elaborate scheme on behalf of an internet troll. Here, let the hoaxer explain

Those who thought that Garland is not real were correct. For she is a pseudonym used by myself, a white South African male, to show that one can write absurd racist and sexist hogwash, as long as the target is the right one.

The piece was accepted without question by the Huffington Post even though – as others have pointed out – the piece is riddled with factual errors [and] logical fallacies. Huffington Post did not fact check any of my ludicrous claims in the article, nor, as far as I can tell, was the piece edited.

This is an indictment on journalism … and a further indictment on the Huffington Post is the fact that its editor, Verashni Pillay, then took it upon herself to defend the total garbage that I had written.

And if you haven’t LOLed enough, read the pitch email. It’s rather pitiful. Not that we’d expect anything different from the Huffington Post (see HuffPo Shames Fit People, Promotes Bad Health in Latest Attempt to Blind You and SOUR GRAPES: HuffPo Now Says Voting For Trump? A Hate Crime!).

This is indicative of where leftist journalism is. Clearly they’re little more than social justice blogs. It’s also indicative of where leftism in general is. Here’s a visual for you…

Having the left expose themselves makes our jobs soooooo much easier. Speaking of which…