Pathetic Liberals Lie, Claim Trump Did Not Attend Easter Sunday Services

The lying liberal media and anti-Trump sycophants were working overtime on Easter Sunday.

A Democrat pollster took to Twitter to spread a massive “whopper” of a lie, claiming President Trump and FLOTUS did not attend Easter church services.


Yes, he did.

However, this blithering idiot, took his lie even farther, by comparing that church-hating devil Trump to the “holy roller” Christian, Obama.

No, we’re not joking.

From Town Hall

A Democratic pollster posted a tweet on Easter Sunday, comparing and contrasting the supposed churchgoing records of President Obama and President Trump — neither of whom is, shall we say, particularly renowned for his overt religiosity. It’s racked up tens of thousands of retweets and likes, with screenshots and similar memes buzzing around Facebook and Instagram. Obama was a God-fearing Christian, unlike that pagan Trump; these so-called Christian Republican voters are such hypocrites! Problem: It’s an inaccurate tweet. But hey, spreading fake news that affirms your partisan biases feels good.  And who can resist the sweet, sweet nectar of lots of retweets and new followers?

The original tweeter has been defending himself and refusing to delete the false post, uncorking a slew of justifications, most of which are some variation of “fake but accurate” or “it’s Trump’s fault.” He also claimed that his facts were correct at the time that he fired off the tweet because Trump hadn’t gone to church yet, or something. But the premise of the framing was that Obama was a faithful Easter churchgoer, unlike that heathen Trump

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