PLOT TWIST: Countries with Traditional Gender Roles Have MORE Women Succeeding in STEM Fields

STEM Traditional Roles

After the Google memo dropped (see Google Employee Writes Reasonable Anti-SJW Memo. Outraged Leftists Call for His Head…), tons of attention shifted onto how many women are in science and why. Spoiler: leftists are pissed. But what else is new? They aren’t happy with the statistics, which show more American men succeeding in STEM fields than women. But an interesting fact hidden among all the rage? Countries which have more traditional gender roles are seeing more women succeeding in STEM. Even more so than their fellow #woke countries. How’s that for a plot twist?

Here’s the facts. They’re rather triggersome.

According to the World Economic Forum (2015), Finland is one of the most gender-equal nations in the world. Moreover, Finnish students are among the highest educational achievers in Europe, and adolescent girls in that country outperform their male peers in science.

So far, so good for feminists. But wait for it…

As a result, Finland should be on the cusp of eliminating educational and occupational sex differences in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Yet Finland has one of the largest college-degree gaps (<25% are obtained by women) in the world for STEM fields, and Norway and Sweden, also leading in gender equality rankings, are not far behind.

OMG. What happened ladies?

This is only the tip of the iceberg, as this general pattern is found throughout the world: Women’s participation in STEM fields, at any level (from scientist to technician), declines as national levels of economic development and gender equality improve.

But that’s not supposed to happen! Equality is supposed to lead to MOAR equality!

One of the luxuries of living in one of these societies is the opportunity to explore and pursue occupational niches that not only fit your interests but also your academic (and other, such as interpersonal) strengths. And this is where the Finnish results begin to make sense.

So it seems when women are under less pressure from feminist harpies to do the STEM stuffs, they tend to do it more. And better. And if those ladies are allowed to fill roles they want to (like women being mothers), if they decide to go into science, they do so because they’re good at it, and want to do it, as opposed to being a feminist entering STEM just to make a point. Because the Ya-Ya Sisterhood of She-Hapries pressures her into it.

American leftists are far more concerned with optics than performance. Or personal happiness. See, in America, feminists care more about showing the world “women can do anything men do!!!111!!1” by way of ladies invading traditionally male-dominated fields. But pay no mind to the actual results (see LOL: Army Opens Combat Roles For Women. Women Don’t Join…).

Some women are great at science and math. Others want to be hot trophy wives who bake. Feminists try to shame the latter while forcing the former, all for the sake of equality. Then they wonder why these “sexist,” traditional countries outperform us in female STEM participation. How about letting men and women do what they want to do, and letting the chips fall where they may?

Methinks feminists don’t understand the actual meaning of equality.