Police patrol Norwegian school as students receive ISLAMIC DEATH AND RAPE THREATS on social media

There is no doubt about the source of these death and rape threats. But the denial in Norway, as elsewhere in the Western world, is near-universal.

“Police patrol Norwegian school as students receive death threats on social media,” The Local, April 29, 2017 (thanks to Samantha):

Police officers are patrolling a high school (videregående skole) in the northern county of Nordland after students and teachers have been receiving online death and rape threats.

“As part of our patrol schedule we pass through the school as a preventative measure. It’s something we do regularly,” a police inspector told local newspaper Helgelands Blad.

The online harassment and threats began before Christmas last year, when a teacher at the school was targeted, reports Aftenposten.

“It started when an employee had fake Facebook and Instagram accounts set up in their name, and harassing messages were sent to her and her family,” the municipal head of education Merethe Schjem told Aftenposten.

The harassment stopped temporarily, but picked up again. In addition to the teacher, five students have also been targeted.

“We perceive the threats to have become harsher and more targeted, both when it comes to the those people the threats are aimed at, and when it comes to what type of action that is threatened with,” Schjem said.

“There are death threats aimed at some, and threats of rape, aimed at girls.”…