Poll: Trump’s border wall faces serious opposition — from Texans

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A significant majority of Texans oppose President Donald Trump’s border wall, a new poll released Tuesday revealed.

According to the survey published by the Texas Lyceum, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, 61 percent of Texas citizens polled said that they disapprove of building a large wall on the southern border of Texas in order to keep illegal immigrants out.

Based on Department of Homeland Security estimates, Trump’s proposed wall will cost nearly $22 billion, span 1,250 miles, and take more than three years to build. The wall was one of Trump’s biggest campaign promises, which he vowed Mexico would pay for. However, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has stated multiple times that his country will in no way contribute to the wall’s construction.

Interestingly, 72 percent of Texas say they are concerned about illegal immigration, with a majority of both whites and Hispanics saying it’s a problem:

Overall, 72% of Texans expressed concern about illegal immigration, with 37% saying that they were “extremely concerned” and 35% saying that they were “somewhat concerned.” Republicans were significantly more concerned than Democrats (90% to 57%), and Anglos were more concerned than Hispanics (78% to 69%).

A plurality of Texans said that they disapprove of sanctuary cities, but with a narrow margin of 49 percent disapproval and 45 percent support.