Presenting the Definitive Collection of Amy Schumer Stealing Jokes…

Amy Schumer. Leftists think she’s funny because she checks boxes off of their Woke Social Justice Scorecard (see Pompous Amy Schumer Tries Shaming You into Voting Hillary and Bud Light Pulls Amy Schumer, Seth Rogen Ad Campaign After Sales Drop). For those of us who enjoy that which makes us chuckle, she su-diddly-ucks. On the off chance you catch yourself laughing, it’s probably because she’s been stealing jokes from someone else.

Accusations of joke thievery are usually blown out of proportion, but this video is damning. We’ve done posts in the past about Amy stealing jokes, but the video below is over 20 minutes of side-by-side joke stealing comparisons…

amy schumer

Look, if we’re being charitable, some of the content in this video isn’t “stealing” so much as Amy Schumer lacking creativity. But the rest is flagrant. “Allegedly.” Only one instance of stealing jokes should be enough to Carlos Mancia her way out of comedy. Yet there’s about 25 minutes of it.

Also, Amy Schumer is disgusting. If you’re going to steal jokes, maybe branch out beyond the lewd? There is more to life than just being a whore. Someone tell Amy. Maybe write it on a condom.

But, like, she silences the ha8rs in the best way possible and all that. So the left will still champion her as a hero for women, comedy, liberalism, and how even gross women can make a name for themselves if they’re willing to venture further down the gutter drain of raunch.