PROGRESSIVE ISLAM: Eight Iranian Women Arrested For… Attending a Soccer Game?!

iranian women arrested

Here’s some obviousness for you. Islamists treat their lady-folk like doggy doo. To be a lady in an Islamic country is akin to being perpetually plucked in the testes, every minute of every day. Translated: not pleasant, hoss. Going to Allah-land is like stepping in a time machine and dialing the human rights back a couple thousand years. You might think I’m exaggerating, but alas, I have evidence to back it up. A group of Iranian women got busted for the unfathomable crime of watching a soccer match. Yeah, you read that right…

Eight women have been arrested in Iran for dressing up as men so they could watch a football match.

Islamic law in the country bans women from attending live matches when men are present and the group were detained at Tehran’s Azadi Stadium.

Alireza Adeli, head of security told Memri: ‘The ban is aimed at preserving their honor, because the stadium’s atmosphere, commotion, and crowds are no place for them.

‘Women who wish to watch the match can do so on TV, which broadcasts the games and gives everyone a way to watch them live.’

The women now face charges.

Women watching a soccer game?!? The horror!

home alone scream

Well, if ever you needed proof that Islam is a few centuries off pace, this is it. A woman watching a few guys kick a ball around on a patch of grass counts as a crime. One that’s worthy of a stretch behind bars. I’d hate to see what the punishment is for showing a little ankle.

As absurd as this kerfuffle is, no one should be the least bit bewildered. After all, this is the same religion where partaking of a tasty pork chop sandwich or having a limp wrist and impeccable fashion sense can get you a first class ticket to the afterlife. All expenses paid.

This is Islam, folks. No matter the flavor, hot, medium, or mild, marginalization of the ladies is an ingredient. The thought of women being allowed to be bored to death by soccer alongside the guys is just too much for their tiny, Sharia-compliant brains to process. Leftists, of course, will disagree, claiming Islam is all about respecting the ladies. But, the facts consistently line up on one side. The side that’s all about calling out Islamists for the backward, cro-magnon jackasses they are.

Speaking of leftists and Islam…