REAL BRAVERY: Man Disrupts Cuba’s Pro-Socialism Parade by Waving American Flag!

You may have noticed all the May Day marches and protests going on yesterday (see Whiny Leftists Skip Work for ‘Peaceful’ May Day Protests. Violently Attack Police…). They’re mostly of socialist nature and consist of demanding MOAR STUFFS!!! for workers. Kind of similar to what non-protesting people call “negotiating with the boss.” But with less salary negotiations, more firebombing and Molotov’s.

One such May Day march took place in Cuba, but it wasn’t so much of a protest as it was one giant thumbs up to socialism. Apparently one dude took issue with that. In an act of defiance, he disrupted the parade with Old Glory in tow…

Havana’s May Day march is Cuba’s largest regular gathering, a carefully choreographed display of support for the socialist system by hundreds of thousands of people organized by their state-run workplaces.

Translation: their “state-run” (GOVERNMENT) “workplaces” made them go lest bad things happen to them.

A protester briefly disrupted the start of [the] event, sprinting in front of May Day marchers and brandishing a U.S. flag before he was dragged away. Wearing a Cuban flag t-shirt and gripping the Stars and Stripes above his head, he stayed ahead of two security agents until he was swarmed by other officials.

Plainclothes officers struggled to control the man but eventually lifted him off the ground and hauled him away in front of foreign and Cuban journalists covering the parade. Two of the guards shouted “Long live Raul!” and “Long live Fidel!” One struck the protester in the face as he was carried past reporters.

Firstly, kudos to this guy and his brass man jewels.

Unlike Americans, Cubans don’t have fancy things like rights and First Amendments. Despite what Obama might tell you at story time (see Obama’s Pathetic Response to Castro’s Death and Cuban American DEMOLISHES Castro Sympathizers: ‘Hitler had supporters too…’).

In fact, in Cuba, any form of dissent is strictly prohibited and looked upon as an act of treason. Hence the mob swarming this guy and punching him in his unmentionable soft places. Again, no rights in Cuba. Methinks this is the very last we’ll be seeing of this good hombre, and the last he’ll see of natural daylight. Rebuking a communist regime is frowned upon with prison, torture, and sometimes death in communist regimes.

So on an ironic note, the socialist trashcans lining the streets of America to protest capitalism and freedom on May Day? Yeah, they’d be lined up in front of a firing squad in the socialist utopia of Cuba. Mostly because freedom and socialism are mutually exclusive. Which they don’t realize, since they’ve always had (and taken advantage of) a plethora of actual freedom.

More on the general suckitude of socialism below…