Samantha Bee Denies ‘Smug Liberal Problem.’ In Smuggest Way Possible…

Samantha Bee is a name many of us lived in blissful ignorance of until the recent election. It seems as though it was then that she ascended to fame by way of uttering squawking noises from her ever-gaping grease trap. Speaking of squawkage, in a recent interview, Samantha went full gibberish when Jake Tapper cited the “smug liberal problem” as part of the reason Democrats are failing. Her response? Pure smugness…

TAPPER: You have been cited as … part of liberal America’s problem.

BEE: Oh my God! My name was in an article. It’s me! It’s not racism, it’s just me. No, you know what, I’ll wait for all that evidence to roll in and then I’ll make up my mind after that. You know, it’s one person’s opinion. One wonderful chap.

TAPPER: Let me ask you a question. Does he have a larger point about smug liberals?

BEE: You know, that’s something that I can’t really… I just can’t take responsibility for the way the election turned out. I just absolutely don’t, I can’t… Is there a smug liberal problem? I guess I’m- I guess, you know, I don’t think there is. I do the show for me and for people like me, and I don’t really care how the rest of the world sees it quite frankly.

In other words… “Smug? No, no, no. We don’t care if common peasantfolk call us smug.”

Notice how Bee mostly evades the question and goes on a bizarre diatribe about her show instead. Meanwhile denying any accountability for her grossness. To be fair, she may have a point. After all, it appears she has little control of the words escaping her gullet. Mayhaps it’s not her fault she suffers dysentery of the mouth hole.

The important thing to note here? Even leftists themselves have been noticing the shortcomings of the Democrat party for a while now. Yep, it’s gotten that bad. Hence all the once-liberals jumping ship (see Dave Rubin Perfectly Explains Why He Abandoned the Left). They’re being driven out by the Samantha Bee’s of the world. You know, the lasses (and lads) who attack cancer patients for having “NAZI HAIR!” and fancy themselves the intellectual authority on all things science. All the while denying basic anatomy

Suffice it to say, liberals are rather out of touch these days, despite the monopoly they seem to hold over the mainstream media. It makes little sense. Alas, such is the pickle the left currently finds itself in.

At least they’re providing plenty of chuckle material.