Schumer Comes Up Empty When Asked Which Dems Can Beat Trump In 2020

It is early and a great deal will change before 2020, but there is no disguising that the Democrats, the party of globalism, socialism, internationalism, treason, race-baiting and hate, is in bad shape. They have “a bunch of leaders” and they’re all ancient. Who will run in 2020? Hillary? She certainly will if she is still breathing. Bernie? Elizabeth Warren? Joe Biden? And if they want to go for someone under 70, who? Free speech foe Tom Perez? Muslim Brotherhood Congressman Keith Ellison?

“Schumer Comes Up Empty When Kasie Hunt Asks Which Dems Can Beat Trump In 2020 [VIDEO],” by Christian Datoc, Daily Caller, April 28, 2017:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer couldn’t give MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt a single name when she asked him Friday which Democrats could beat President Trump in 2020.

“Lots of people,” the New York Democrat first responded, prompting Hunt to ask him to provide just “one name.”

“I’m not going to pick a name.”

Hunt then asked Schumer who he thinks “is the leader of the Democratic party.”

“We have a bunch of leaders,” he dodged, yet again. “You know, I certainly am the leader of the Senate, and I try to represent the Democratic Party, but we have a lot of good voices.”…