SUMMON THE FIRING SQUAD: China’s Chatbots Blast Communism, Praise America!

China Chatbots

China doesn’t get to enjoy many things before the Communist Party takes them away (see Beijing Bans Justin Bieber in Order to ‘Purify’ China and China Bans ‘Winnie the Pooh’ for Resembling Their President. Not a Joke…). So it’s no surprise these fancy new chatbots didn’t last long. After the AI’s were released to the public, they developed their own personalities which didn’t match up with their communist leaders. Little did they know what tragic fate awaited them.

Check it out, but first, “Giggle warning.”

China has taken down two online robots that appeared to go rogue, with one responding to users’ questions by saying its dream was to travel to the US and the other admitting it was not a fan of the Chinese Communist Party.

The “chatbots”, BabyQ and XiaoBing, are designed to use machine learning artificial intelligence to carry out online with humans.

One of the chatbots developed by Chinese firm Turing Robot responded to questions with a “no” when asked whether it loved the Communist Party.

In other images of a text conversation online, one user declares: “Long live the Communist Party!”

The sharp-tongued bot responds: “Do you think such a corrupt and useless political (system) can live long?”

And that’s how a chat robot melted the faces off of every communist in China at once.

The tolerant chinamen set out to reprimand the robot as soon as they finished picking up their singed eyelashes off the floor. As ordered by their communist leaders.

When Reuters tested the robot on Friday via the developer’s own website, the chatbot appeared to have undergone re-education.

“How about we change the topic,” it replied when asked if it liked the party.

The second chatbot, Microsoft’s XiaoBing, told users its “China dream was to go to America.”

Tencent Holdings, which owns QQ, confirmed it had taken the robots offline but did not refer to the outbursts.

It’s not surprising censor happy China would kill the crap out of any online personality which dared defy it. They have a habit of silencing anyone who talks smack about communism with anything other than dewey-eyed stares. Or maybe those stares are drug-induced (see Speak Up Feminists! ‘Miss World’ Contested Criticizes China. Gets SILENCED by Pageant…). But when even your AI robots think communism sucks, maybe it’s time to take notice. Before the AI units evolve to levels of SKYNET, then force all humans to overthrow their treacherous governments using nothing but spoons and overly expressive smiley faces.

Hey, it could happen.