Thanks ‘Environmentalists:’ Climate Marchers Trash the Environment, Leave Huge Mess…

People's Climate Trash

Here’s the most shockingly unshocking surprise of the century. Remember all those leftist diaperwads who marched on DC “for the environment” this weekend? Our own personal climate hero, Leo DiCaprio, even made an appearance. Turns out those star-studded marchers care about the environment so much, they left a huge trail of waste in their wake. #HelpingMotherEarth

DC residents are none too happy about it…

On Saturday, environmentalists from across the country converged on Washington, DC for the “People’s Climate March,” to urge the Trump Administration to invest in policies that fight climate change. As protesters packed up … the Washington Mall was left littered with garbage, including paper signs, food containers and plastic bags.

DC residents cataloged the mess on social media.

A DC resident living near the march site told Heat Street that he was extremely dismayed by the “giant piles of signs and trash” left strewn across the park.

Yeah, can’t say I’m surprised. These are the same unfortunate trashlings who frequent every climate protest known to mankind. You know the type (see Dakota Pipeline Protestors, Who ‘Care’ About the Environment, Abandon Their Dogs… and DNC Bus Dumps Human Feces in Storm Drain… But They Love the Environment!). They fly out to these marches, snap a few solidarity selfies, abandon their trash and call it day.

In fact, it seems these wimpish activists aren’t so concerned with cleaning up after themselves, but rather how many likes their Instagram posts get. Because hashtagging in the new picketing or something. But garbaging up the place for your cause? Still not helping.

Apparently these guys didn’t get the memo…

The REAL environmentalists here? The street-cleaning dudes (and dudettes) who have to come collect all the garbage these faux earth-loving hippies leave behind. Because, according to their own narrative, using truckloads of plastic to make banners – then abandoning said banners in the streets, gutters, and overflowing dumpsters – isn’t doing the earth any favors.

Behold, one of the many accomplishments of the climate movement (see Fascism? Environmentalists Force Coal Plant Closure. Town Economy Hit HARD…).

Speaking of climateness…