The West is losing the war with Muslim supremacists

March 22. An Islamic terrorist, armed with a knife, murdered three people on the London Bridge and at the entrance of the British Parliament.

April 14. An Islamic terrorist killed an English girl in Jerusalem.

Same matrix (Islamic), same weapon used (the knife), same victims’ identity (English), but very different locations.

And the latter is Israel, as if this provides a cover for terrorists, as if the terrorism striking Israel were not real terrorism, but a natural reaction to an “occupation.” Since the “knife intifada” began, 43 Israeli citizens, mostly civilians, were murdered in such attacks. Yet the “civil society” considers attacks against Israel as morally justified, while the one in London was “barbarous.” Is the hate that takes the life of a girl in Jerusalem different from that which takes the life of a Jewish woman in the Paris area of Belleville, as happened to a woman named Sarah Halimi, who was murdered by a Muslim shouting “Allahu akbar”?

England, in particular, foments this double standard, in its glorious universities, in its ancient newspapers, in its literary élite. A large part of the West considers Israel as sacrificeable and the blood of its citizens as less red than that of Europeans hit by terrorism in these two years.

But Muslim supremacists make no distinction between the pacifist Sweden and the more interventionist France, or between a Catholic priest in Normandy and an Israeli Jew in Jerusalem. They are at war against Judeo-Christian-Liberal West.

In the last month, Muslim supremacists have targeted a Russian train in St. Petersburg, two Christian churches in Egypt, British civilians in London, Israelis and tourists in Jerusalem, and Swedish citizens in Stockholm. All these targets, so different, are united by a common hate.

A “blasphemous” cartoon in Paris, an “infidel” on the London Bridge, a British student in Jerusalem, Christian faithful in Alexandria, Russians in a subway, Swedish secularists …It is the “West” at its best that the Muslim suprematists are striking. Their goal is clear: preventing more cartoons to be published, and they are succeeding; pressing more Jews to leave France, and they are succeeding; spurring more Christian exodus from North Africa, and they are succeeding. Terror works. And the ultimate goal of terrorism is not changing the rules at the airports. No, it is setting the terms of the debate.

Unfortunately, the West is losing this war with Muslim supremacists: they have already infiltrated Europe’s mosques and the outskirts of its cities; the foreign funded “Institutional Islam” has already been able to convince Europeans that terror “has nothing to do with Islam”; the mainstream media is refusing even to utter the name of the enemy, even as it is preparing new eulogies about the next victims of Jihad; Pope Francis has capitulated, while his predecessor Benedict XVI had the courage to name Islam; European Jewry is fleeing the old continent; Europe’s armies are getting smaller by the day; our élites have come to see it as a natural event that churches are bombed in Mosul as in Tanta.

If the West wants to start winning this long war, it must begin by recognizing that Israel is a bastion against an Islamic onslaught on the rest of the Judeo-Christian world.

Giulio Meotti, cultural editor for Il Foglio, is an Italian journalist and author. He is the author of three books: A New Shoah: The Untold Story of Israel’s Victims of Terrorism (Encounter Books); J’Accuse: the Vatican Against Israel (Mantua Books), and La fine dell’Europa, about the Christian and demographic decline in Europe. He is a columnist at Arutz Sheva and his writings have appeared in publications including the Wall Street Journal, FrontPage, Commentary, and The Geller Report.