TOLERANCE: MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance Calls for ISIS to Bomb Trump Hotel

MSNBC personalities are fueled by nothing more than raging hatred of Trump (see Idiot Chris Matthews Called Trump’s Inaugural Speech ‘Hitlerian.’ Yes, Really… and Rachel Maddow ‘Slams’ Trump’s Inaugural Speech. Looks Like an Idiot Instead). Well that and their raging hatred of anyone who’s a conservative. Intelligent. Attractive. Their sources of rage fuel is legion.

But when MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance tweeted his support of ISIS suicide-bombing a Trump Hotel…

jim carey

Oh well. The tweet has been deleted. I suppose he was only joking and is sorry if he offended anyone. Least of all the Secret Service who doesn’t take too kindly to threats on POTUS, even if those threats are pitched to a third party, like our favorite Insallah Beheaders.

Then again, this is the Internet. The Internet is forever. Like herpies and the Clintons…

Okay, it was was a bad joke on Twitter. Outrage over stuff like that is other websites beat. We’re not outraged. We’re bemused by Malcom’s lack of foresight here. Because replace MSNBC with Fox News, Trump with Obama, lather, rinse, repeat.

A joke is a joke, sure. But a joke about ISIS bombing a property belonging to the president’s business, which still has his name, probably not your wisest choice of ha-ha material. Especially considering how seriously little outfits like the Secret Service take the jokes. Not a lot of funny bones between those suits.

Which, of course, Malcom realized. After writing the tweet. Hitting “Tweet.” Racking up likes and retweets. Having people take screen captures.

Has Malcom heard of the Internet’s great powers of memory yet? It’s like he’s new to it.