Trump Just Said That Kim Jong Il Is Still North Korea’s Leader

When discussing his strategy regarding the Korean Peninsula, Trump teased that he will not be “outplayed” by the “gentleman” in North Korea who had apparently outplayed former Presidents Clinton and Obama. The “gentleman” whom he referenced was Kim Jong Il, the North Korean ruler who died in 2011.

In an interview with FOX News’ Ainsley Earhardt, Trump said of the now-deceased man:

“But, you know, they’ve been talking with this gentleman for a long time. You read Clinton’s book, he said, ‘Oh, we made such a great peace deal,’ and it was a joke. You look at different things over the years with President Obama. Everybody has been outplayed, they’ve all been outplayed by this gentleman. And we’ll see what happens. But I just don’t telegraph my moves.”

Having no idea that his “gentleman” died six years ago, Trump continued to brag, “I’m not like other administrations where they say, ‘We’re going to do this in four weeks.’ It doesn’t work that way.”

Trump has already landed himself in hot water for launching the United States into military conflict in several countries, including Sryia, Afghanistan, and North Korea. He did not have Congressional approval for any of these aggressive moves or attacks.

American-North Korean relations are at an all-time low, with much of the world even bracing for the prospect of nuclear war. Had Trump spent a fraction of his time learning the history of the relationship between these two countries – including who ruled North Korea and when they did so – as opposed to immediately provoking war, we might not be in the dire situation that we find ourselves in now.

Still, something tells me that – telegraphing his moves or not – there’s not much of a chance that Kim Jong Il will outplay Trump.

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