UFC’s Tim Kennedy Re-enlists with Green Berets After Trump Drops MOAB

Former UFC fighter and Green Beret Tim Kennedy is a longtime friend of LwC (see AMERICAN BADASS: UFC’s Tim Kennedy Outright Challenges Islamic Terrorists and ISIS Threatens UFC’s Tim Kennedy… He Responds Awesomely). Though, you can scribble out the word “former” before “green beret.” Tim just announced that after dropping the MOAB and having a Commander in Chief who seems to want to do what we have to do, he’s re-enlisted!

Look out bad guys…

“So I jumped out of a helicopter last weekend and raised my hand to say I’ll protect the constitution. Because I got people that will back me now. We’re here to do work, we’re here to win a war that we’ve been fighting and just holding onto for sixteen years, and that’s about to change. We’re definitely in the groove right now. I’m not saying we’re in disco mode yet, but we’re on our way to it.”

GI Joe

If I were ISIS, I’d be shaving me beard and converting to Judaism because Tim is coming for me. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Kennedy had he embarks in this new endeavor of bunker busting heroics.

But we’re also praying for the baddies he comes across. They’re about to find a world of hurt of the physical kind. Not the trigger-warning fluff muffinery suffered by pampered college snowflakes bitching about reality. We’re praying Tim’s aim is as pointed as his enthusiasm. Here’s hoping more bombs and ammunition are lovingly inscribed with inspirational passages from the Quran. Or simply christened “Muhammad.”

Military leadership matters. Most men and women who enlist in the military love the United States and want to defend its interests. Including the fighting of ISIS beard-models who’re best served with exploding firebombs. Allahu Akbar, bitches. So when Mattis and McMaster take the reins of the military, two guys with strategic mentalities and gumption, it’s no wonder America-loving heroes like Tim Kennedy re-enlist to take part in enemy-ass-kicking. It’s kind of the idea behind the military, no?

We love ya, Tim. May your aim be swift, your bravery always run high, your grin never waver. Be well, stay awesome.

More importantly, who could forget…