UK Elementary School Goes On Field Trip… To Visit Radical Islamic Imam?!

uk field trip imam

Didn’t you just love a good field trip when you were a kid in school? You know, going to the planetarium to watch a presentation on the solar system. Or visiting a ranch and getting to feed a smelly goat. Those were the days. But, unfortunately, not all field trips are the bee’s knees. Sometimes you go on a field trip to visit a radical Islamist imam who would gladly extinguish your life functions if afforded the opportunity. Like this UK elementary school did

Children from a London primary school spent a two-day school trip with an imam described by a British High Court as supportive of “extremist Islamic positions.” Aged between six to eight, the children from Kilmorie Primary School met with Shakeel Begg to discuss Islam at the Lewisham Islamic Centre on March 21 and 22.

Begg gained notoriety as the imam of the mosque attended by the killers of British army soldier Lee Rigby in 2013. Details and images of the visit were posted to the center’s website, reported the Telegraph, but have since been removed.

The center’s web page describes Begg as being impressed with the keenness of the children to test his knowledge of Islam and their understanding of “the many shared beliefs and values of different faith communities.” Kilmorie school’s Sally Kelly defended the visit, saying it promoted “the British values of tolerance of people of different faiths and beliefs and the learning is part of the National Curriculum.”

Well, I’m sure it was an interesting field trip, to say the least. We have yet to receive word on whether there was a beheading demonstration or complimentary genital mutilation for the little ladies.
girls screaming
Leftist educators usually spout off about brainwashing teaching the childrens to accept the lady-folk and the gays as their equals. Yet they send these youngsters off to mingle with a guy who believes women should be beaten and forced to wear potato-sacks, and gays should be promptly escorted off the roof of the nearest skyscraper. I might be wrong, but that seems a little counterproductive. But hey, what do I know. I’m just a bigoted Islamophobe…
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This is where blind tolerance gets us all. Willingly exposing children to intellectual and moral cancer, otherwise known as Islam. I suppose Ms. Kelly would see no problem with sending the children to visit a Nazi compound for a chemistry lesson and some swastika arts and crafts fun? After all, tolerance of different beliefs is the name of the game.
Leftists are walking themselves to the slaughter with smiles on their pudgy, pockmarked faces. All in the name of tolerance. They’ve flagellated themselves into submission with political correctness. But don’t let me stop you guys. By all means, continue to kick it with your soon-to-be executioners.
Speaking of Islam…