UK Labor Leader: Government Should Occupy Private Homes To ‘Solve Poverty…’

“You shall not covet your neighbor’s house…” – Exodus 20:17

“Don’t ask how, I want it now.” – Jeremy Corbyn

And you thought the UK was going batsh*t crazy before (see ‘Misogyny’ Now a Hate Crime in the UK. Man-Hating Perfectly Fine and UK Bans Doctors From Saying ‘Mother.’ Must Use Gender-Neutral Term Instead)? Meet Jeremy Corbyn. He makes Bernie Sanders look like Margaret Thatcher. Apparently the old coot recently thought up a way to deal with UK’s poverty. The grand solution in mind? He wants to government to seize people’s private property if the government thinks it’s a good idea. Yes, really…

Jeremy Corbyn has called on his supporters to “occupy” empty buildings to find homes for victims of Grenfell Tower fire.

The Labour leader upped the pressure on ministers to do more to find homes for families who lost everything in the tragedy in west London.

Last week Mr Corbyn called for empty homes in Kensington to be given to families to live in after the tragedy.

Asked by ITV interviewer Robert Peston if he would “seize it forever, or just just take it for as long as they’re needed”, he replied: “Occupy, compulsory purchase it, requisition it, there’s a lot of things you can do.

So today we learned… British leaders and thinking aren’t a good mix (see British Official: London Attacker’s Religion is ‘Completely Irrelevant.’ Yes, Really…).

Jeremy Corbyn should have retired and stopped doing the whole making noises with his mouth thing long ago. You know, as a public safety measure — so as to save us all from having to suffer through the likes of this derpfest. Corbyn’s solution to poverty is straight up theft. Courtesy of the government.

I’m sure plenty of socialists felt warm tinglies when they heard Jeremy sputter this thought garbage. Theft is, after all, the socialist solution to all the things. But the reality is such a move would render Britain essentially freedomless and hurt their economy long term. Because all those mean, successful people who dare buy extra houses, contribute to the market and pay loads of taxes? Yeah, they’re leaving when you steal their stuff.

Government overreach doesn’t solve things. See pretty much anything the government has in its scaled clutches.

A friendly suggestion? Don’t take advice from crusty socialists who misplaced their sanity in the 70’s.