UK: Man Beats Wife With HAMMER for Not Cooking Dinner. Yeah, He’s a Migrant…

Hammer Attack

In the West, getting hammered with your husband is much different than getting hammered by your husband. One might entail a few drinks, while the other is more along the lines of some broken bones and prayers to Allah. Slight cultural difference. One that was apparently lost on this migrant, who decided to go HAM(mer) on his wife one evening…

Mohsin Akram, 21, launched the terrifying attack after coming home drunk in the early hours of Christmas Eve to find his wife sleeping and no food for him.

The Pakistani’s hour-long assault on Mariam Hussain, 20, happened as their four-month-old son lay sleeping nearby.

The court heard how [Mariam] was forbidden from leaving the house alone, owning a phone or accessing internet. Months of abuse culminated in the hammer attack. Prosecuting, Stephen Donoghue said: “He was expecting her to have made him food. He completely lost his temper and started to talk about teaching her a lesson, how to be a good wife. He then picked up one of the hammers and began hitting her.”

Her crime? Not having dinner ready, the harlot. She learned her lesson promptly after a stern talking to. And beating, of course. This chap hails from Pakistan after all – the land of all things wife beating. Read PAKISTAN: ‘Women’s Protection Bill’ Encourages Men to Lightly Beat Their Wives

“Halt, concubine, for the time of the hammer is upon us.”

By the way, the punishment for this guy and his hammerous ways? It’s rather light…

Akram was jailed for 15 months at Cardiff Crown Court last week after pleading guilty. Yesterday Mrs Hussain criticised for not ordering the violent thug’s deportation and called on officials to review his case.

Speaking after the sentencing Mrs Hussain, who has filed for divorce, said: “There are so many reasons why he should be deported. He is an asylum seeker but went out of the country last year. How can they let an asylum seeker go there, come back and continue as normal?”

Lady Hussain has a good point. This “asylum seeker” seems to be doing more mallet swinging than asylum seeking. A friendly suggestion? The judge should bring the gavel of justice down upon Akram. Preferably in the same fashion Akram swung his hammer at his wife’s skull. Less paperwork.

Alas, this is the United Kingdom we’re talking about. Such wimpish forms of non-justice are to be expected from our friends across the pond, especially when it comes to migrants. And yet they still wonder why it’s a bastion of rapeness and violent Islamic culture.

Speaking of which…