University of Texas Stabber Hates White People. Once Shot ‘Reenactment’ of Him Stabbing Whites…

Wouldn’t you know it, after years of blaming white men (specifically white college men) for everything from the the fake “rape culture” down to wedgies, a disgruntled co-student took it upon himself to rid the University of Texas at Austin campus of white frat students one slashing at a time.

A student at the University of Texas Austin attacked his fellow undergraduates Monday with what authorities described as a “Bowie-style hunting knife,” killing one and injuring three others.

Here’s a photo of the suspect. You’ll note he’s not of the same racial make up as Shirley Temple. But noting such a thing makes you a racist.

At the writing of this post, a student named Harrison Brown, a freshman from Graham, Texas, is dead. Three others were injured. Those three others, by the way, were not of the same racial make up as Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder. If you noticed you might be a racist.

Authorities had no word on a possible motive for the attack. Carter noted that three of the victims were white males and the fourth was an Asian male. The suspect is black.

That’s the set up. A random black student randomly sliced and diced four other random students who happened to have skin as fair as Shaun King. But today, as police are politically correctly scratching their heads about a motive (much the same way authorities wonder about a motive post Allahu Akbar infidels), the YouTubes have this little diddy:

It’s okay, you don’t need to watch the entire (poorly made, amateurish) video. It depicts our Pokey McStabberson reenacting the Haitian Revolution, in which many a white man is sautéed and skewered with a sharp-tipped object. Kind of like what Kendrex White did to his fellow students at the University of Texas yesterday. One might call this a “smoking hot knife stuck in one too many honkies.” Don’t worry, it’s not racist for me to type terms degrading of white people. I read all about it in Rules for SJW Snot Goblins.


The grainy, 14-minute video, entitled “Haitian Revolution” shows the 21 year old mass stabbing suspect, who is black, playing Haitian historical figure Dutty Boukman. Boukman was an early revolutionary leader who plotted the mass executions of Haitian whites in the 1790s.

Which means Kendrex With the Ironic Last Name of “White” hates white people and probably has for a long time. A hatred which hasn’t been helped with the proliferation of content and narratives spread by the left like bad body odor at a femnist film festival. Among them: OOPS: HuffPo Got Trolled by Its Own’Time to Deny White Men Voting Rights’ Article and DNC Chair Candidate Actually Says ‘My job is to shut white people down!’ And let’s not forget this little number: RACISM: Female Rapper Brags About Assaulting ‘White Guy’ Media Cheers.

Hating on white people is the current “woke” thing to do. So Kendrex here, who already hated the whites (allegedly) may have felt justified in going Slasher on the fellow students, like Batman ka-powwing baddies in Gotham City.

batman gif

I’ll leave you with this final pull quote as a solidification of the notion Kendrex thought himself a vigilante ridding the world of more oppressive white people causing all the college–and worldly–ills:

Though Austin police have not commented about White’s motivations, early campus rumors are that White targeted members of fraternities who were wearing their Greek letters.

Fraternities at the university have been subject to recent vandalism by hysterics who accuse them of furthering white supremacy and enabling rape. A manifesto from the vandals was printed on the website of terrorist front It’s Going Down.

Right. Also, rape culture on college campuses isn’t real. But what else are you supposed to believe when the media pushes the “RAPE CULTURE” narrative at every opportunity?