VIDEO : Democrats BOO new DNC Chair Tom Perez

During a “DNC Reboot” meeting in Maine, the crowd turned ugly at the mere mention of Tom Perez, the new foul-mouthed DNC chair.

Claire Cumming, the leader of the Maine Young Democrats told the crowd, “Regardless of why you showed up today, you showed up for a reason. Something compelled you to find the space and time to be here, and I want you to ask yourself what that reason is.”

She then suggested they came because of their love for a “certain Vermont senator” and the crowd cheered.

“Maybe you came though because you’re curious about the new DNC chairman and the future of the Democratic Party,” Cummings said, referring to Perez and the crowd booed.

Looks like the Democrats are still a broken and divided party that no one can relate to.

Watch the video:

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