Video: Kathy Ireland Stands up for Life. Compares Abortion Culture to North Korea…

The debate over infanticide abortion is probably the most contentious of all. On one side, you have pro-lifers, who do everything they can to spare the babes from the executioner’s Shop-Vac. On the other? Leftists who won’t rest until on-demand abortions are free of charge and frequent.

Kathy Ireland counts herself on the non-baby-killing side of the debate, and she’s not afraid to make that known. She had some harsh criticisms of America’s abortion culture.

Way to go, Kathy.

Billy Dee Approves

Unfortunately though, I doubt any of that will get through to pro-abortion progressives. Abortion is a point of pride for leftists. It’s not uncommon to see washed-up leftist actresses bragging about butchering their babies. The rancid gutter wench known as Lena Dunham even said her biggest regret in life was not having an abortion. Like any male would despise humanity enough to put a baby in her in the first place.

Abortion culture runs deep in leftist America. When massive hurricanes strike, leveling houses and turning towns into water parks, people band together to rebuild. Leftists’ main priority? Ensuring the hurricane victims have easy access to the nearest baby-butchering facility.

Kathy Ireland’s North Korea comparison ought to be a clear sign. America is a pretty forward-thinking place. Yet, thanks to leftist “values,” we share this barbaric distinction with the tiny fat man who likes forced labor camps and feeding blood relatives to dogs. But, given leftists’ love for authoritarianism, planned economies, and propaganda, the comparison really doesn’t come as too much of a surprise.

But, maybe Kathy’s words will manage to break through to a couple thick-headed leftists and convince them of their wrongness. It’s happened before. Either way, power to her for taking a stand.

Speaking of abortions and propaganda…