Whiny Leftists Skip Work for ‘Peaceful’ May Day Protests. Violently Attack Police…

Happy May Day, y’all! All across the globe, social justice warriors are out and about, marching for such things as fair pay and worker’s rights. Otherwise known as free stuff. In some parts of the world, just as you’d expect with a mass gathering of leftists, things are getting pretty ugly

Workers and activists marked May Day around the world Monday with defiant rallies and marches for better pay and working conditions.

A May Day march in Paris turned violent less than a week before the runoff French presidential election as police clashed with a small group of protesters who threw Molotov cocktails at officers. A few hundred protesters started throwing gasoline bombs and other objects at police at the front end of what started as a peaceful union march in the French capital on Monday.

Businesses in Puerto Rico have been boarded up as the U.S. territory braces for a strike organized by opponents of austerity measures amid a deep economic crisis.

Police in Istanbul have detained 165 people during May Day events around the city, most of them demonstrators trying to march to a symbolic square in defiance of a ban. A security department statement said that another 18 people suspected of planning illegal demonstrations and possible acts of violence on Monday were detained in separate police operations.

So, to recap, these human trashcans think the best way to get a pay raise is to take the day off from work and to firebomb the po-po…

buzz lightyear

How typical of them to go from zero to attempted murder, right out of the starting gate. Whether it’s losing an election or encountering a pro-lifer in the wild, you can always count on progressive butt-plugs to respond by dialing the violence all the way up to eleven.

In between tosses of the Molotov cocktails, these chaps never stop to think maybe they’re not getting that promotion because they’re a bunch of deadbeats. Who protest things. If they’d expend half the effort on working hard as they do “resisting capitalism,” they might get that pay bump you want so badly. Also, call me loopy, but quick question to all you protesting dimwits: doesn’t all of this violence in the name of money come off rather… capitalist? That’s a rhetorical question. To which the answer is yes, you greedy oinklets.

Steve McQueen counting money

The left has reached a level of bananas where they can no longer win an argument with facts or logic. Hence the homemade explosive devices. The lad who immediately jumps to fisticuffs usually does it because he has no decent points to argue. So, if ever you want proof that leftists are wrong about everything, just flip on the TV and watch the army of morbidly obese mongoloids beating the bejeezus out of anyone who would dare disagree with them.

You might see all this violence and think it be just fringe groups, making leftists who possess semi-functional brains look bad. Except for the unfortunate fact that violence has been advocated by mainstream liberals time and time again (read FASCISM: Wellesley Newspaper Encourages Violence. To Shut Down Free Speech…). Despite all the claims of peace, love, and understanding, progressives like Antifa are the first ones to smash a dissenter’s head like a grapefruit.

But remember, it’s the Trump supporters who are the fascists…